Beta Launch of Cannabis Equity Podcast.

Beta launch of

Welcome to We are glad and excited to have you as a part of the beta launch of the Cannabis Equity Podcast. We are currently recording the podcasts and will do a full launch in January 2020.

The ways of communication are changing. The “attention” lifespan of an investor is getting shorter. The issuers are falling behind in communications and they need to march with the times and at the same time reach out to more number of potential investors in the modern ways. That is where Podcast comes in to the picture!

A podcast is a great way to develop relationships with hard to reach people.

……. Tim Paige

Podcasts are becoming a popular strategy for marketing and the number of listeners are more than ever. There is no better way and no better time than the current time to start marketing your products and business via Podcasts.

More people want the time away from screen and podcasts give them that option to stay away from the screen but at the same time keep them updated via listening to these audio clips.

If you are in public domain and have a story, we would love to hear that. If you are a CEO of a public company and would like to talk about your company, come join us and share your story with the world via the Cannabis Equity Podcast.

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